Healthy Marriage

  • Program staff at all levels can use this worksheet to document questions they have about their HMRF grant work. After discussing those questions with their HMRF data manager, they should record the source(s) of information and answers, and identify next steps.

  • This template displays the nFORM 2.0 data export layout, and includes sample data and tips on how to use the nFORM 2.0 data export. Grantees may use this resource as a reference for using nFORM 2.0 data for program operations, monitoring, and improvement. This resource also includes which tabs of the data dictionary to reference when reviewing the data.

  • This tip sheet provides detailed steps for accessing and saving the template and tips on how to complete the progress narrative each quarter.

  • This infographic provides answers to common grantee questions on how to use nFORM’s query tool, operational reports, and data export to review and better understand quarterly performance measures that are reported to ACF and support program monitoring and CQI efforts.

  • These are PDFs and Word versions of the HM QPR and PPR quantitative data and progress narrative templates. If using the Word template, it must be converted to a PDF by clicking “File”, then “Save As”, then selecting “PDF” from the drop-down menu of available file formats. Only PDF versions of the completed progress narrative can be uploaded into Grant Solutions. If using the PDF templates, the file must be saved on your computer first before opening them in Adobe in order to view and edit. You should also add the reporting date (i.e. the due date for the applicable report) to the file name before selecting "Save". For example, if you are submitting the Grant Year 3 PPR, it is recommended to save the file with "10.30.2023" in the file name. Please follow the steps below to download the contents of the file:

    1. Open the PPR/QPR Narrative Template by clicking the “View PDF” button.
    2. Save the narrative template to your computer's Desktop by right-clicking in the document and selecting “Save as….” if you are using Chrome, “Save target as…” if you are using Edge, OR clicking the download icon at the top right.
    3. Name the file with the reporting date and save to your computer.
    4. Exit out of your browser.
    5. Navigate to your desktop to open and edit the file.