• Program staff at all levels can use this worksheet to document questions they have about their HMRF grant work. After discussing those questions with their HMRF data manager, they should record the source(s) of information and answers, and identify next steps.

  • The nFORM team provides a tutorial on monitoring workshop participation trends, and explains step-by-step how grantees can analyze primary workshop participation by referral source. A grantee also shares their approach to using the nFORM operational reports to monitor primary workshop participation.

  • The nFORM team provides an overview of primary and optional workshops, tips for monitoring workshop participation, and how to use nFORM 2.0 data tools to identify clients who stop participating.

  • This tip sheet provides detailed information on how workshop participation data is reported in the QPR/PPR. It also explores how grantees can review their progress toward the annual targets they set for ACF’s primary workshop participation (PWP) measures.

  • This webinar introduces a new nFORM 2.0 resource on reviewing recruitment and enrollment data using the QPR/PPR, query tool, operational reports, and data export. The nFORM team also discusses the ways that grantees can use these data tools to support program monitoring and continuous quality improvement.

  • This webinar provides in-depth information on how individual and group participation is measured by and reported to ACF. The presentation also includes detailed examples on how grantees can drill down on their participation data using the nFORM 2.0 operational reports and data export. 

  • This tip sheet provides step-by-step instructions on how to record make-up workshop attendance in nFORM. 

  • This tip sheet defines key terms for workshops and describes how to add and manage workshops, session series, and sessions in nFORM 2.0.