Service Contacts

  • The nFORM team offers a detailed overview of individual service contracts (ISCs) and proceeds to provide an in-depth review of the available data tools designed for monitoring ISCs.

  • Program staff at all levels can use this worksheet to document questions they have about their HMRF grant work. After discussing those questions with their HMRF data manager, they should record the source(s) of information and answers, and identify next steps.

  • The nFORM Team provides an overview of ISCs and referrals and how to analyze trends in individual services. This tutorial also includes a grantee’s experience with developing and implementing an approach to monitoring ISCs.

  • This webinar discusses ways that grantees can enter program-specific information in nFORM and monitor that data to support program monitoring, CQI and local evaluations.

  • This webinar provides in-depth information on how grantees can drill down on data in the query tool and how to use the information to support program monitoring and CQI.

  • This OFA FEDTalk describes OFA’s expectations for HMRF grantees’ support of individuals and the definition of substantive individual service contacts. 

  • This webinar provides in-depth information on how individual and group participation is measured by and reported to ACF. The presentation also includes detailed examples on how grantees can drill down on their participation data using the nFORM 2.0 operational reports and data export.