• This planning tool helps CQI teams guide and track their CQI efforts.

  • Tip sheet provides an overview of the Bright Spots approach, a tool that can be used to support strategy development. The tip sheet also includes a matrix that presents advantages and disadvantages of methods for identifying bright spots, and an interview template to learn more about practices used by bright spots. 

  • This worksheet is a companion resource to the CQI Plan template. It is a streamlined, optional resource to help grantees organize information about their CQI cycles and review progress with their FPS and grant teams. New features include linked resources to support completing key steps and built-in reflection points. Download the worksheet and overwrite the instruction fields to document your plans and insights. Use Ctrl+click on the hyperlinks to access related resources.

  • Contains a template that CQI implementation teams can use to define core team agreements.

  • CQI implementation teams can use this worksheet to develop their communication protocols, which is relevant to a broader audience.

  • Two examples of feedback forms CQI implementation teams can use or adapt to collect client feedback on workshops.

  • Contains a draft agenda template that CQI implementation teams can use to review and analyze data to inform decision-making.