Data collection

  • This document provides answers to common questions about nFORM 2.0 and performance measures data collection.

  • High-quality performance data are key for tracking programming and outcomes, informing continuous quality improvement, and conducting analyses to understand more about HMRF programs. To support the collection and use of high-quality data, ACF is providing grantees with nFORM 2.0, a management information system, as well as a template for planning data collection. During this webinar, the nFORM team gives an overview of how Project Leaders, Data Managers, and Evaluators may use nFORM 2.0 for data collection, reporting performance, and viewing and analyzing data. We also will walk through the data collection plan template and how it can be used to plan each step of grantee data collection.

  • This email tip includes information for grantees piloting services starting in January 2021.

  • This template guides HMRF grantees through the key stages of data collection using nFORM 2.0 to help plan ahead and train staff so that data collection runs as smoothly as possible.

  • This manual describes best practices for collecting data with nFORM, and describes special data collection scenarios.