Continuous Quality Improvement Resources

This page provides resources on continuous quality improvement (CQI) for HMRF grantees. Below are information and resource links for practitioners and developers to use in developing CQI plans and implementing the CQI process.

Additional resources will be added over the coming months. Check back for updates!

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CQI Template

This template is intended to guide the development of CQI plans for the 2020 cohort grantees. It can be filled out by responding to the questions and prompts within each section.

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An Overview of the CQI Template

Provides a brief overview of the CQI template and introduces the graphical representation of the seven steps of a CQI process.

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  • Webinar provided suggestions for completing sections D1-D3 of the HMRF CQI Plan template.

    Dec 2021
  • Tip sheet provides guidance on three key steps to take when developing improvement strategies. It includes six one-page tip sheets on different methods for learning about challenges and developing and prioritizing strategies.

    Dec 2021
  • Webinar provided considerations for conducting a road test to learn about and refine improvement strategies and offered thoughts on continued monitoring of strategies. We reviewed road test planning; discussed the purpose of learning cycles and considerations for next steps; and shared about importance of SMART goal monitoring to assess success.

    Nov 2021
  • Offers tips on the use of focus groups to gather detailed, action-oriented feedback from clients. Part of a series of CQI tip sheets focusing on promising grantee practices. 

    Nov 2021
  • Presents one grantee’s approach to sharing survey data with staff in an accessible way. Part of a series of CQI tip sheets focusing on promising grantee practices.

    Nov 2021
  • Covers the use of the teach-back method in ongoing facilitator training. Teach-backs are a promising improvement strategy when the challenge is related to skills or knowledge. Part of a series of CQI tip sheets focusing on promising grantee practices.

    Nov 2021
  • Webinar covered three key steps for planning a road test: articulating your strategy, developing learning questions, and creating an implementation plan.

    Oct 2021
  • Webinar about findings from an ACF-sponsored study on how HMRF grantees from the 2015 cohort adapted to virtual service delivery during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Includes considerations and potential practices for virtual service delivery that may be useful for the 2020 cohort of HMRF grantees.

    Sep 2021
  • Tips for improving virtual service delivery, supporting facilitators and clients, maximizing client engagement, delivering services in specific settings, delivering hybrid services, and ensuring privacy and safety.

    Sep 2021
  • Webinar on developing strategies for program improvement. It includes a review of root cause analysis to support strategy development, provides suggested sources of strategy ideas, and explains the importance of developing a rationale to be sure an improvement strategy aligns with desired outcomes.

    Aug 2021