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This page includes information and tools to support you in using nFORM 2.0. If you need additional help after reviewing these resources, you may request technical assistance by submitting a ticket in nFORM 2.0 to the nFORM help desk.

Please contact your grantee organization's site administrator(s) for help with log in issues including locked accounts and resetting passwords. Site administrators should leave a voice mail for Mathematica at 844-619-6841 if they are also unable to log into nFORM.

The CQI Resources page includes more information on using nFORM 2.0 and other data for program improvement

nFORM 2.0 - Information, Family Outcomes, Reporting and Management

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Data Dictionary

  • This document provides the record layout for the data fields that are included in the data export from nFORM. View Data Dictionary

Training Video

  • This training video describes best practices to follow to keep data secure. Keeping Data Secure

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  • The data dictionary provides the record layout for the data fields that are included in the data export from nFORM. nFORM users should refer to the applicable version of the data dictionary for data exports generated through November 30, 2022 and those generated on or after December 1, 2022.

    Dec 2022
  • The nFORM Team provides a continued review of the nFORM Operational Reports during the November 2022 office hours. This tutorial focuses on a deep dive into the remaining reports and discusses upcoming nFORM enhancements


    Nov 2022
  • The nFORM Team provides an overview of the nFORM Operational Reports during the October 2022 office hours. The team then takes a deeper dive into some of the reports providing the purposes, benefits, and data points available for each. Tips were provided on how to use the reports. The team collected feedback on the operational reports for future updates.

    Oct 2022
  • This infographic provides answers to common grantee questions on how to use nFORM’s query tool, operational reports, and data export to review and better understand quarterly performance measures that are reported to ACF and support program monitoring and CQI efforts.

    Sep 2022
  • This webinar covers ways to review grant year 2 data, tips for completing the progress narrative of the QPR/PPR, and recommendations on how to review and update data collection plans. The nFORM team also introduces several new and updated nFORM TA resources.

    Sep 2022
  • This tip sheet provides step-by-step instructions for new users on how to prepare for collecting, entering and monitoring data in nFORM.

    Aug 2022
  • This webinar introduces a new nFORM 2.0 resource on reviewing recruitment and enrollment data using the QPR/PPR, query tool, operational reports, and data export. The nFORM team also discusses the ways that grantees can use these data tools to support program monitoring and continuous quality improvement.

    Jul 2022
  • This webinar provides in-depth information on how grantees can drill down on data in the query tool and how to use the information to support program monitoring and CQI.

    Jun 2022
  • This guidance developed by ACF includes information about can and cannot be provided as a program incentive, limitations of incentive costs, and recording incentives in nFORM.

    Jun 2022
  • This webinar discusses ways that grantees can enter program-specific information in nFORM and monitor that data to support program monitoring, CQI and local evaluations.

    May 2022